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About Us

We are a multidisciplinary group of clinicians, engineers, students, and entrepreneurs who joined forces to try to help with the Corona Crisis. Initiated by the group of faculties of the Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies “B.E.S.T” Innovation course coordinated by the IRCAD and IHU-Strasbourg centers in France (Silvana Perretta, Stefano Stramigioli, Bernard Dallemagne, Pietro Riva, John O'Dea, Sebastien Piant, Stéphane Cotin, Antonello Forgione, ….) this effort was immediately supported by a team of experts including scientists and physicians from the University of Twente (Remke Burie, Frans de Jongh, Ruud Verdaasdonk, Xenia Hoppenbrouwer, Stefano Stramigioli, Françoise Siepel, Vincent Groenhuis, Riccardo Sneep, Tim Broenink, Sander Smits ….). Additional support and feedback was provided by clinicians from several hospitals in Italy who shared their initial experience and from the NHC University of Strasbourg (Michele Porzio, Frédéric de BLAY… ). Finally, the creation of the wiki has been made by Riccardo Canducci.

Acknowledgements: we would like to acknowledge and thank Decathlon France for their generous supply of masks, Stepahane Cotin and Remi Duparc from INRIA for their support in 3D-printing.